beginners or foodies, we can all learn something.
class: be master of your domain.

                                        ***take a class in your own home***

"kitchen confidence"
(get the basics down pat)
 $75/ person, $300 minimum + cost of food
this class will get you ready for anything.  you'll learn knife control and handling along with the fundamental techniques every cook needs to do battle in the kitchen.  you know that chef move of tossing food in a saute pan?  we got you covered.

"i'm impressed"

(look at you, fancy pants.)
 $75/ person, $300 minimum + cost of food
you know your way around the kitchen but you're looking for some inspiration, something you haven't tried before...a challenge.  you're a bad mammajamma.  we get it.  let's see what we can do. we'll cook a 3 course meal from start to finish, learn sauce technique - how to make it and more importantly how to fix it and time management.

"what's cookin', good lookin'?"
(date night, deal sealer)
 $125 / person $250 minimum* + cost of food
knock that special someone's socks off (eh hmm) with a romantic dinner for the two of you.  you'll learn how to deftly cook and serve a 3 course meal while leaving plenty of time for flirting.

(psst...this is our best selling "Gift".  just ask, we'll hook you up)

"party class"
(that's great, can i get some more wine?)
 $60/ person, $240 minimum + cost of food
you like to cook or you just like to eat.  mostly you like a few cocktails with friends.  we understand you.  we like you. this is our most casual hands on or off class. we'll make appetizers and dessert - those are the the best parts anyways. where's my glass?